Generating Leads For Your Online Business

Generating leads for your online business is hard. Why? Because there are endless elements that are required to form a successful lead generation strategy. Whether you’re looking to generate leads for your affiliate marketing, consulting or e-commerce business ,we’ve got your covered.

There are plenty of ways to generate leads for your online business but it can quickly become confusing, overwhelming and down-right painful if you don’t know where to look.

Here are ten overlooked ways to generate leads for your online business:


Re-marketing has been touted as one of the most powerful ways to increase your ROI. The best audience to market your products to are the ones who have already bought something from you!

You can also re-market to people who have already interacted with your offering. For example, they may have clicked on your ad you placed or signed up to your list but never took further action. Re-marketing to these people is not only extremely cheap, but highly cost-effective as people who have already interacted with your offering are much more likely to take the next step and purchase something with you.


Infographics are huge nowadays. Essentially they display information is a graphical format that is easy on the eye as well as easy to digest. Think poster, but with useful information and on a computer screen instead of a wall!

The best infographics captivate readers and display intruiging information in a fun, easily digestible fashion. They can vary in length significantly depending on the topic covered and while they’ve been overused quite alot, they can still work really well for lead generation in the right context.

Infographics can be a great way to generate leads for your online business as you share valuable information to a hungry audience. People love powerful, insightful and actionable content that they can relate to. Getting into your target market’s head is the best way to produce content that will people will actually want to see.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a super powerful way to get your business out there, establish authority and increase your search engine presence. You can’t underestimate the power of leveraging an established audience in your target market. Successful businesses have been built solely through guest blogging.

I’m going to be completely honest. Guest blogging isn’t great for traffic. Case studies have shown that the level of referral traffic from guest posts (Even on huge websites) is negligible. But one area where guest blogging trumps most is SEO value.

If you’re trying to rank your website for search terms in Google, guest blogging can be a powerful way to increase your search engine presence. How? Most websites allow you to place a relevant link to one of your articles in your guest post. You also usually get a link to your homepage in the “author bio” area of your page.

Guest blogging is a great way to indirectly generate leads for your online business by helping you increase your organic search engine presence.


HARO stands for help a reporter out. It’s something that was setup to help reporters produce great stories. Reporters are always looking for experts, insights or just opinions from people involved in all kinds of industries and verticals. HARO can be a powerful way to increase your exposure, build your brand and acquire powerful links from highly authoritative domains in your industry.

Influencer Marketing

Getting to know the big players in your industry is an awesome way to grow your business. Of course, getting chummy with influencers alone isn’t enough to grow your business. But it’s something that can open doors for you that can dramatically alter the growth of your business. Influencers have the power of trust, authority and (usually) huge audiences. A recommendation from an industry influencer is worth it’s weight in gold.

There are many posts that showcase great influencer marketing examples. It’s great to see how influencer marketing works through the experiences other people have had. Something a lot of people struggle with is reaching out to these people. They find it too intimidating to email the authorities in their space. But you have nothing to fear because they all started in the same place you did!

Find out who the influencers are in your industry and look at what they’re doing. Follow their social media, comment on their blogs and sign up to their email list. Be genuinely interested in them. You’ll be surprised how much this can affect your business in a positive way.…

How To Get Web Design Clients

Searching for a guide on how to get web design clients? You’ve come to the right place!

What is the most important thing for your business? The thing that keeps you in business?

Clients of-course!

To run a successful business you need to have your fair share of clients. Or more than your fair share if you want to grow a wildly profitable freelancing business.

Here are three powerful tips on how to get web design clients:

Start off with the foundations

Your business model needs to have rock-solid foundations.

You need to be involved in a hungry market that has a desire for your services. They must also be willing to pay for that need.

In 2017, as a web designer, you’re in a pretty good place! People want websites created all the time and are willing to pay good money for a “done for you” service.

This is especially the case if you work with WordPress sites. WordPress is by far the largest content management system with over 20% of internet sites utilising the CMS.

Most people that needs a website created don’t know about HTML or CSS. They just want a functional website that they can use for their business.

So there’s a huge market and you have great opportunity to provide your web design services to the masses.

Now you just need to learn these three key strategies for how to get web design clients.

Having The Right Marketing Tools

Acquiring web design clients doesn’t just happen automatically. There are things you need to do to get these people onto your list of clients.

You want to make client prospecting a fairly automatic process, here’s how:

A Beautiful Website

What better way to showcase your web design services than to have your very own masterpiece?

This tells your clients that you don’t just talk the talk, you also walk the walk.

It doesn’t have to be a huge website with dozens of pages but it does need to be well laid out and aesthetically pleasing.

Make your website as professional as possible, it’s one of the best ways to showcase your skills.

Social Media

You don’t need to be on every social media platform but you do need to have a presence wherever your clients are hanging out. You want to pick one platform and develop your web design brand on that platform.

Create a plan and map out your strategy and stay consistent with your content creation. Your goal with social media is to engage people and build up those relationships. The last thing you want to be doing here is hard selling prospects.

Become Amazing At Working With Your Clients

In most cases, you won’t close a sale on your first point of communication with your client. Take the time to build that relationship. Typically, if you go above and beyond what other people are willing to do in terms of your approach and service, you can’t go too far wrong.

Look at what other people are doing in the industry and do 20% more.

Having a personal approach really helps too. Prospects want to feel like you understand where they’re coming from and that you have the skills to solve their problems.

Skills aren’t everything though. When you’re up against competition, they’ll hire the person they like the most. People skills play a big part in business so you need to make sure you aren’t a douchebag.

Master Your Pricing

Pricing is all about how much value you can provide for your customer. If the value offered outweighs the price, people will happily pay for your services.

Adding value to your services can be little things like following up with your client and providing regular progress reports.

It can also be little quirky things that people will love. I heard of one client in particular who sends cookies to his clients once they complete a project. Doing things like this will make your clients want to work with you (especially if the cookies are good).

I hope you enjoyed this little write up on how to get web design clients, feel free to drop us a comment below!…

Freelancing Jobs For Beginners

There are plenty of freelancing jobs for beginners that exist in the marketplace. You don’t need to look too far to find freelancing gigs that suit even the most newbie freelancer.

Have you always wanted to be your own boss? To work from home and write your own pay check without any hassling or pestering from your boss.

There’s something really special about working for yourself and not having to rely on anyone for a pay check.

Best Freelancing Jobs For Beginners

Start Pitching People Cold

Cold pitching people is a great way to land your first few freelance writing jobs because there’s much less competition. You’ll have a way better chance of landing freelance jobs when you aren’t competing with hundreds of other freelancers for the same thing.

What on earth is cold pitching?

It’s when you contact people out of the blue and introduce yourself. You can contact bloggers, small business owners, entrepreneurs and pretty much everyone else who owns a piece of online real estate.

The first thing to do is find businesses that you can start cold pitching to. Maybe you’re surveying the small businesses in your area and you’ve noticed that a whole bunch of them don’t have blogs.

Once you find these businesses you just need to reach out to them and go from there!

In your pitch you want to include the following information:

  • How you found them
  • Who on earth you are
  • How you can help their business

Pitching To Job Board Ads

If you’re looking for freelancing jobs for beginners, where to focus your efforts than online job boards. This is one of the primary ways new freelancers get their first few writing gigs.

Using a job board over some of the popular freelance websites like Upwork & Guru to find a writing contract is great because you don’t have to bid down on your price. Most freelancer platforms are super-cometitive and in many cases you’ll have to negotiate your price down to get hired.

Most job postings display the rate on the job, some will leave it open and ask you how much you charge.

Here are some job boards you can get started with:

Leverage Social Media

Twitter in particular can be a gold mine for landing free jobs for beginners. By following freelance writing job boards, you’ll notice that a lot of them will regularly post about freelance writing gig opportunities.

freelance jobs for beginners

Great job boards to follow to get you started:

Create a Website

Your website can be a fantastic way for you to attract new clients to your freelance writing business.

This one of the best ways to attract high-paying clients. But if you’re only just starting out then this might not be the best option for you.

Eventually though, after you land and successfully complete your first few writing gigs, you want to buy a domain name and create a professional website.

You don’t need to be an expert to create your own website. We have access to beautiful themes and WordPress installations only take a few button presses!

Say You’re Available

Another great way to find freelancing jobs for beginners is to advertise your availability! This is the easiest thing to do.

If you have a social media profile (who doesn’t) advertise your availability. This seems like such an obvious thing but many freelancers don’t advertise their availability.

This is also a way of letting other freelance writers know that you’re available for writing work.…